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The police don’t send undercover agents into sceptic societies and parliament doesn’t pass emergency laws to combat atheist violence. Fanatics threaten European Muslims if they abandon their faith but no atheist will attack them if they keep it. No one thinks that atheists threaten the lives of their fellow citizens anywhere in the west.’

I’ve been listening to atheist debates again the past few days, and I am finding myself wondering at the HUGE ASS disconnect there is between the intelligentsia’s idea of what religion is and what they believe, and the general population’s idea of what religion is and what they believe. 

Most of the theists who get in these debates have a vastly, irrevocably different set of beliefs to the general population, I end up sitting here thinking ‘what are you trying to prove?’ 

So many of them talk about their God/Gods as beings that have almost no resemblance to the God/Gods I have had described to me by normal theists I have met or known. So many of the debater’s versions of God are  lesser, or neutered versions of the God/Gods believed in by everyone else, almost as if they’re trying to hide the fact that they believe something science can say very little about. 

It makes me wonder what they must think of the general population’s beliefs. They espouse to know the Holy books better, the scriptures better, to understand what they’ve read better, to essentially believe better. And what does this say about everyone else? 

It just makes me wonder. 


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