*is reminded of Pope’s presence in Myeongdong - decides to avoid Myeongdong, in order to avoid being arrested for, for example, throwing obsenities at the man*

Pregnant women face abortion ban in Ireland even if they're a suicide risk

Fuck you, Irish politicians, fuck, you 

Atheist Experience

Is the Vatican Guilty of Torture?

Vatican misled UN committee on compensation to Magdalene women

Of course it did. 

“If bishops purport to instruct Catholic MPs how to vote on such matters, there is a clear risk that those MPs would begin to look like episcopal puppets. Indeed, in such a case, when could a Catholic candidate ever expect to be elected? And isn’t the logic of Bishop Egan’s position, therefore the complete withdrawal of Catholics from public office?”

The Tablet (Catholic magazine) 

Bishop wants to withhold communion from Catholic MPs who vote against doctrine

Pope's First Year of Papacy Has Been a Failure on Child Abuse


But surely the pope’s such a nice guy!? Right? He, like, totally washed a woman’s feet…and, umm…gave some homeless guy a bit of cash?

Hey, we should give him a break, it’s not like he’s the head of the most powerful religious institution on the planet, right?

Oh…ummm…well, it’s not like he can just change the views of every Catholic over night, like that time they did with what happens to unbaptised children when they die…oh…

Yeah…he’s, umm…a totally nice guy but only when we compare him to other popes…

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Catholic hospital 'forced miscarrying woman to deliver 18-week fetus'

Pope Francis Avoids Apology For Clergy Sex Abuse

Why doesn’t popular Pope Francis issue a straightforward apology for rampant child sex abuse by Catholic priests, instead of swerving time and again on the issue?

There is no question that Pope Francis has put a shine on the tarnished Catholic church through acts of humility and courage in the first eight months of his papacy. Cold calls to Catholics and random acts of kindness—including  rumors that he regularly sneaks out of Vatican City at night to help feed the poor in Rome—have endeared him to the most ardent naysayers.  But the first Latin American pontiff hasn’t won everyone over quite yet. 

Angered by church sex abuse, readers turn against Cardinal Mahony

Dutch bishops give Pope Francis bleak picture of church in decline

Vatican signs new agreement with right-wing Hungarian regime

Polish Catholic Church on the spot over paedophile priests and child abuse cover ups

Yet more disturbing news from the Catholic Church. 

Poland archbishop slammed over sex abuse comments

Victim blaming at it’s finest!
Oh, and this tired excuse:
 The church’s defenders say that priests are being singled out for condemnation when teachers and sports coaches have also been caught sexually abusing kids.

The difference being that teachers and coaches don’t claim to be here to speak for a god, or to be absolutely moral because they are backed by that god, oh, and they also don’t have hundreds of thousands of people looking to them for moral and ethical leadership. Also money, lots and lots of money is backing the priests and religious leaders, and a truly enormous organisation that has made every attempt in the past to just cover this shit up. In the Catholic Church it’s a systemic abuse. With teachers and coaches, it’s mostly a case by case basis of fuckheads finally getting caught.

Fuck the Catholic Church.