Catholic Hospital Denies Gay Man HIV Medicine

A Catholic hospitalis being suedfor denial of HIV medication to a gay man “for going against God’s will.”

Trinitas Regional Medical Center, says Joao Simoes, admitted him last August but then denied him the medicine he needed and also would not let his sister see him.

Denial of access to medicine for people living with HIV/AIDS, even for short periods, can have serious consequences for long term survival because ofdrug resistance. This can result from missing as few as five doses — which Simoes says he missed.

The complaint says that after admittance he metDr. Susan V. Borga. She asked him how he had acquired HIV and “closed the plaintiff’s file, put it down and looked at plaintiff with disgust on her face and asked, coldly, ‘Is that from sex with men?’”

Three days later, he was finally permitted to ring his personal physician and learned that he had already told Borga about his medication, but he had not received any or been visited by any doctor.

Borga had allegedly told his physician: “You must be gay, too, if you’re his doctor.”

The complaint adds:

Additionally, apparently realizing that plaintiff’s doctor had an accent, Dr. Borga exclaimed, “What, do you need a translator?” to which plaintiff’s doctor had again responded that Dr. Borga needed to give plaintiff his HIV medication.

Dr. Borga responded to plaintiff’s doctor by stating, “This is what he gets for going against God’s will,” and hung up the phone on plaintiff’s doctor.

American Medical Association (AMA) policy is that“physicians can conscientiously object to the treatment of a patient only in non-emergent situations” and that they “must provide alternative(s) which include a prompt and appropriate referral.”

Principle I of the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics calls upon physicians to provide medical care with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. Accordingly, physicians may not decline to accept patients based on their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or “any other basis that would constitute invidious discrimination”

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That is some fucked up shit right there. 


'We cure HIV with anointing water': Six die after churches tell sufferers they don't need medicine

  • Church boasts it has a ‘100% success rate’
  • Department of Health says ‘faith and prayer are not a substitute for any form of treatment’

At least six people with HIV stopped taking their medication and died after churches claimed God could cure them, an investigation has found.

Undercover reporters who posed as worshippers infected with HIV in south London were told that pastors could heal them.

The journalists underwent a ‘healing process’ where they were sprayed in the face with water while a member of the church called for the devil to come out.

Pastors at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Southwark boasted that they had a ‘100 per cent success rate’, said Sky News which carried out the investigation.

The church holds the healing sessions once a month and asks people to hand over medical notes to prove they have an illness.

They use special ‘anointing water’ to ‘cure’ people.

The bizarre claims have been refuted by the Department of Health and a former Health Secretary.

Rachel Holmes, one of the pastors, told a reporter that if symptoms persist it is simply HIV leaving the body.

'We have many people that contract HIV. All are healed,' she told Sky News.

'We've had people come back before saying, “Oh I'm not healed. The diarrhoea I had when I had HIV, I've got it again”.

'I have to stop them and say, “No, please, you are free”.'

The Synagogue Church of All Nations has a presence around the world and members are expected to give money.

It is also a registered charity in Britain - which confers a variety of tax advantages.

A man called Emmanuel, who went to another church, stopped taking his pills a year ago after being told he was cured.

He said the priest told him being cured does not take one day.

Former Health secretary Lord Fowler said: ‘It is bad advice, it is foolish advice and it is tragic advice because the consequences of this kind of advice can only be that people pass on HIV and can only be seriously bad for the individual concerned - including death’

Documents reveal that at least six people have died across the UK - three of them in London - because they have stopped taking medication after they were told by a church they were healed.

There is no evidence that any of the people who died went to the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

In testimonies on its website, the church claims it has ‘cured’ people of cervical cancer, anorexia and heart disease.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said prayer is not a substitute for taking medication.

He said: ‘We are very concerned if people are not taking their HIV medication based on advice from faith leaders.

'HIV treatment is highly effective but it requires patients to take their HIV medication as prescribed by their doctor. 

'Our advice is clear that faith and prayer are not a substitute for any form of treatment, especially for HIV treatment.' 

A spokesman for the Synagogue Church of All Nations, London branch, said: ‘We are not the Healer; God is the Healer. Never a sickness God cannot heal.

'If somebody is healed, it is God who heals.

'We don’t ask people to stop taking medication. Doctors treat; God heals. Medical doctors do their work, just as ministers of God do.

'We sent a team of doctors, nurses and counsellors to help after the earthquake in Haiti, as well as to many other troubled nations, as you can see from our full documentary on Emmanuel TV. You will see the regard we have for medical doctors; I mean, the power of nature.

'There is nothing bad in using medication. It was the same medication that sustained these people before they came to the church. However, they believed that God is the God of nature.'

From Daily Mail. 

There’s a number of video interviews on the linked page. 


Homophobia stymies HIV fight in Islamic countries

Stigma and homophobia against gay men is hampering efforts to manage a growing epidemic of HIV in Islamic countries, warn epidemiologists this week.

"The stigma is a barrier to HIV prevention services," says Laith Abu-Raddad of the Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar in Doha. He heads up a team that is assembling, for the first time, data from the Islamic world on the growing prevalence of HIV in practising gay men.

They report that the arrival of HIV in the gay community has been relatively recent compared with other regions of the world, but warn that it is on the rise. In Pakistan, for example, the prevalence of HIV in transgender male sex workers rose from 0.8 per cent in 2005 to 6.4 per cent just three years later.

Historically, HIV epidemics have often begun in minority, high-risk groups such as men who have sex with men or intravenous drug users, then spread to the general population. A problem in much of the Islamic world is that men having sex with men is illegal. That, coupled with homophobia, hampers efforts to contain the virus by making gay men too scared to seek treatment, a pattern that has been seen in eastern European countriesIndia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Abu-Raddad says that governments are managing “to deal with [HIV] discreetly” by inviting non-governmental organisations to provide testing, counselling and treatment for gay men.

The spread of HIV is at a relatively early stage in Islamic countries, so there is an opportunity to stop it growing. But this will only happen if governments accept that it is spreading among gay men, and that action is required.

"We need much better HIV prevention, surveillance, testing, counselling and treatment, but NGOs can only do it with resources from governments,” says Abu-Raddad.

Journal reference: PloS Medicine, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000444

From New Scientist

One of the Catholic tenets that never fails to piss me off. This is one of the most damaging things the Catholic church could ever have done, and they’ve done it so well and with such aplomb. Gold star for most people harmed in the contemporary world with least effort. I think you’ve earned it. 

One of the Catholic tenets that never fails to piss me off. This is one of the most damaging things the Catholic church could ever have done, and they’ve done it so well and with such aplomb. Gold star for most people harmed in the contemporary world with least effort. I think you’ve earned it.