"Christian America”: Where ignorance is a virtue, and intellect a vice

It takes more faith to be an atheist than a believer in Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father. Especially if you look at science!

Check out answersingenesis.com Wake up and use your brain instead of relying on All this garbage the world has fed you about evolution and self-worship…. Our society has indoctrinated us for so long through the lies fed us from school and gov’t, we just swallow it cause it is in our textbooks, do some research and try to not assume what you “know” is truth. Revelation!!  Peggy N Oceanside , facebook 1/26/12

The above quote was extracted from a facebook discussion thread. Initially I thought it was a “poe,” an atheist posing as a fundie Xtian to make a point and make them look even more foolish than there were up to that point. It was so classically Xtian insipid that it could be nothing else.

I was wrong. Peggy is a true believer. She has two favorite books: “Bible” and “The Bible”

But why should I have been taken by surprise by this quintessential example of Christian self imposed stupidity? After all we live in a country where willful delusion is a virtue while intellect, science and reason are suspect.

A land where the majority belief system is corrupted by people who see education and “book larnin” as elitist; learned experts as liars or fools; and who have never cracked the cover of the source materials they reject, even if they were literate enough to absorb it.

A nation where speculation and superstition is accepted as fact, and its degree of truth or falsehood determined not by investigative analysis but by the number of people willing to blindly accept it as fact.

A society that puts its faith in religious apologetics sites whose mission is to confuse their sheeple with religious doctrine disguised as science; to dismiss objective evidence for reality; turn fiction into fact; endlessly repeat patently silly and discredited suppositions (i.e. “Why are there still monkeys if…” , “How come there is no crocoduck if… ?”); and to massage scripture to suit their agenda of preserving the spell of a discredited book of nonsense.

A union that gives millions of dollars in tax breaks to build a creationist theme park as a veritable governmental endorsement of backwardness and Medieval Think, spitting in the face of modernity and reason. [Google: “Kentuckycreationist theme park tax break”]

There wasn’t much to say after reading Peggy’s post. All I could do was thank her for her testimony. Peggy unwittingly did more in that one paragraph to demonstrate the fruits of the religious virus and give credence to my years of rants, blogs and books than anyone ever has or ever will. 

Once again, thank you Peggy. If I could I would put you in a glass dome on a pedestal for the entire thinking world to point to and laugh at, eventually having you stuffed and preserved as a reminder to future generations of Americans just how far they have advanced.

The Atheist Camel

Not a fan of some of the language used here, but the point is a salient one. 


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