I completely agree with the previous anon about church seeming like a cult. I am an atheist and so is my family, but I went to a private Anglican school for 12 years, before changing to a Quaker school.

While I was in a church service for the Anglican one, usually I would just sit there, not recite the sermons we were all meant to say together, and I’d go up and take communion with the little wafer and wine because it was something to do in the 3 hours we were stuck there (also to prove to myself that it meant absolutely nothing).

But one day, I decided to tune in and see what was actually happening. What I saw was one fellow in a schmancy robe out the front, holding a book in a funny hat, making statements. He was just saying things about God, things like ‘he is great’, ‘we follow God’, ‘we believe that Jesus is the son of God’, things like that… and after each of his sentences, the whole congregation would repeat them.

I watched this happening and became seriously freaked and uncomfortable. To me, it just looked exactly like a cult. Did these people not realise what they were doing? They were blindly repeating these sentences, without even stopping to think what they were saying.

From then on, I tried to get out of as many church services as possible by either skipping them each week or faking sick. It was just too uncomfortable for me. It’s nice to hear of someone who can see the cult-like qualities in sermons just like I could.


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