Lying for God and other Christian teachings

Would you, a Christian, tell a lie in order to save a soul?

Of course you would. That’s because there is nothing worth more than a person’s immortal soul, and you would certainly tell a lie to save someone from the eternal torture of hell. God would surely know your heart... He knows that your intentions were only for the best. Would He forgive you? Certainly.

Now, would I, an atheist, tell a lie to steer someone away from religion? No, I would not. There is nothing about someone else’s intellectual integrity that is more important to me than my own ethical standards. Plus, my case is only made stronger by telling the truth— I gain nothing by lying, and would set myself up for a great defeat should my lie be discovered. I don’t need a lie. All I need is the truth.

Am I saying that all Christians are liars? Absolutely not. I have met some very honest ones. But I have met plenty of Christian liars. Being religious is no guarantee of morals.

Let’s look at the root of Christianity: the bible. I don’t accept the Bible as a moral guide because it sanctions lying and deception. In many cases, lying is commanded by God, or God himself makes people lie. In other cases, liars go unpunished, or are even rewarded.

Interesting article. Continue reading at the above link.


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