Another Child Dead Thanks to a Failed "Faith-Healing"


I am so fucking tired of having to read stories like this…Prayer isn’t going to do shit. Stop wasting your time and actually do something about it. 

You can believe in a magical sky fairy, I really don’t care. But when your silly beliefs start putting people…childrennew. born. children. in danger? When they result in someone’s preventable death? Fuck you.

Feel free to throw up a little…I know I did. 

(via goodreasonnews)

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    Sigh :(
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    I can’t think of America as a “first-world” country. This shit doesn’t happen in first-world countries. Therefore, I...
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    The punishment isn’t nearly enough. I hate to think of them ever having any other children. They shouldn’t be allowed.
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    lol their last name is Hickman This is pretty horrible. I just hope people don’t see all religious folk as that. I...
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